3 Essential Questions to Keep you on Track

Running your health/wealth/relationships can feel like a never-ending exercise.

There’s always something going on!

They say sharks need to keep swimming else they die. It can sometimes feel like that… if you don’t keep moving you’ll be done for…

Here’s the thing, many sharks stop & rest on the ocean floor for a while. It doesn’t make them any less sharks.

This is the best kind of shark to be. Not like the ones always charging full speed searching for their next meal, but the kind who can also be still and just breathe.

When you take the time to stop and assess what’s going on you can make effective decisions.

Once a week, ask yourself the 3 Essential Questions to Keep you on Track. 

Make a committed appointment with yourself.

Write down your answers.

You’ll gain crucial insight into what you need to tweak.

  1. What Went Great?

Recognise and acknowledge your successes first. Build your self esteem. 

It’s common to worry about not being good enough, not having enough or losing what you’ve got.

It’s common to look at the other people and compare yourself.

It’s common for even super successful people to fear people are soon going to find out they’re an idiot and they’re only one blunder away from blowing everything.

These are signs you have high standards for yourself which is good. Just make sure you’re applying your standards in a way that builds you up and doesn’t de-stabilise you.

Hence, recognise and acknowledge your successes first. Build yourself up.

  • What did you do this week that went great? 
  • What did you get right?

Whatever you did, acknowledge it and write it down so you recognise the cause-and-effect connection between what you do and your own success. It’s the things you’ve done that got you where you are, and the things you’ll do next that’ll get you to where’s next.

The better you get at recognising the things you do right, the easier it’ll be to do those things again and again. It’s hard to repeat your successes if you don’t know what they are or what you thought said or did to get them.

 2. What Could have Gone Better? 

When you make a mistake, your brain and conscience know immediately. It’s an inbuilt way of teaching you not to do that again.

Unfortunately, we’re also really good at denial, rationalisation, justification and even blaming someone or something else. When we ignore the mistakes and failures that make us feel uncomfortable, we’re more likely to repeat them. 

If we don’t listen to the whispers we’ll get the screams.

The sooner and more honestly you confront the things that could’ve gone better, the easier it gets and the more empowering it can be.

Get comfortable with the idea that not everything goes great or according to your plan or timeframe all the time.

  • What happened this week that you’d have liked to have gone better? 

Write it down.

All of it, even the uncomfortable things and major screw-ups.

This naturally leads into the most important thing to ask yourself:

3. What Can you do to Improve?

Hold your head high. There’s no point beating yourself up forever.

Change your focus toward what you could have done differently.

  • What can you improve to increase the chances of things going great in future?

Write it down.

When you recognise and acknowledge what you could’ve done differently, it reassures you to not fear mistakes or failures in the future because you’ll know what to do.

Ask yourself, “Will doing it this way take me closer to or further away from what I want?”

Turn the not-so-great-events into teachable moments so you don’t need to be concerned about running into them again. Maximise your hindsight wisdom and apply it as foresight.

Use this for things that weren’t your fault as well as to the things that were.

Take action:

Set aside a regular time every week to reflect on your recent wins, setbacks and things you could’ve done differently.

Set yourself up to move forward more prepared and more confident than ever before.

Remember to have fun with this. Don’t take yourself of life too seriously, but seriously enough to ensure you create your dreams while you’re still young and vital enough to enjoy them.

I’d love to see your progress as you make your constructive and self-supporting changes! Head over to https://www.facebook.com/BeInOnePeace and say hello. Make sure you include your business page name so I can see you!

Dr Jo xxx

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