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At JoMessenger.com we looked at the “be rich and famous at all costs” worlds of business, healing and personal development… and felt frustrated at the numbers of people either spinning their wheels getting nowhere fulfilling or with lots to offer yet were jaded, burned out and not as financially independent as they hoped.


In a world where stress over time, money, relationships and health dominate, Dr Jo has defied the trend She’s evolved her Be in One Peace business into the next generation JoMessenger.com


She knows you don’t have to be born with a healing gift to heal yourself or follow your inner compass, a business gift to be an industry leader, or have perfect body dimensions to have the relationship of your dreams. You do however, need to know how to get from where you are today, to where you ought to be. Like you, she knows what it’s like to be on a shoestring budget with a vague idea rather than a crystal-clear plan… the nerve-racking fear of never being quite ready… and the desire for things to happen much faster and safer than what life has offered so far.


Dr Jo didn’t wait for everything to be perfect, because she knew excellent was okay.
Now she helps people just like you, to accelerate their rise toward their full potential… rather than settling for less. If you’re looking for a proven path to transform undesirable inadequacies and short-comings into things that are exceptional, you’ve come to the right place.

Jump right in and get started now, from wherever you are.

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JoMessenger.com is a unified heart-and-mind, people and-planet focused company. Everything we do is intended to help you accelerate your rise and Live Your Purpose.


To reside in a world where everyone is aligned with their highest good and will and rises towards their full potential. A world where everyone creates and contributes from a space of inspired love..


FOUR Purposeful Actions:
ONE: Educate and empower a community of multi-dimensional and integrated heart-mind people.
TWO: Deliver highly effective Personal Development, Healing, Business, and Relationship Programs.
THREE: Supply products to help people and communities live their purpose with less fear and more peace.
FOUR: Inform via the most renowned transformation hub to assist in the fulfilment of the individual’s and community’s highest potential, and the ascension of humanity.


If you don’t love it, don’t do it – Decide to love it… or do something else…
Everyone is born with a gift – Know it… and grow it…
Think, speak and act from the heart – Don’t die with your music still in you
Walk your talk – Be the person you need to be… to live the life you love…
Laugh lots