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Your Purpose May Not Be What You Think (VIDEO)

It may shock you to discover your purpose isn’t what you think it is! What distinguishes busy, thriving practitioners, coaches, business people from those who’re just surviving? They ask themselves better questions. Which also means they get better answers. Spending time in self-reflection has perviously been reserved for navel studiers, eccentric professors and out-of-touch philosophers. […]

Your Relationship With Others is a Reflection of Your Relationship With Yourself (VIDEO)

If you disrespect or criticise yourself, it’s easy to start disrespecting or criticising family, friends and colleagues. Denying imperfections in your nature and personality can lead you to unreasonable expectations of others. If you have a habit of not being completely honest with yourself, white lies to others can creep in. Remember to like-share-subscribe…

Leadership Isn’t What it Used to Be (VIDEO)

When you have 2 similar businesses/clinics/organisations/clubs/bands/cafes- with similar buildings, technology, systems, equipment and products- its the organisation with the better leaders who consistently perform better, who are consistently more successful. Its leaders like you and me who get results- not buildings, technology, systems, equipment and products. Its leaders- its people just like you- who institute […]