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When Animals Need to Wipe We Know They’re Sick (same for humans)

Same for humans. If your bowel contents don’t come away cleanly, you’re sick (pay attention Westerners!) If you eat foods your body is sensitive to your bowel will make mucous to prevent these toxins entering your blood stream. This is a natural and healthy response by your body to the conditions you have provided it […]

Get Ready for Success

While others worry the world has gone bonkers, lay your foundation for the success you can visualize in your mind. De-clutter your work space, emails, files, out of date contacts.  Clean out closets and drawers, and any clutter that blocks success flowing to you. Organise your resources. Get prepared for your ideal tribe/patients/clients/customers who need […]

Monitor Your Expenses

Monitor your expenses. Granted, you can’t miser your way to victory and stinginess  isn’t the key to success, but spending like there’s no tomorrow has to change. Test every expense, “Will take me closer to my goals?” Don’t stumble on the classic small-business mistake of cutting marketing or communication costs. Double up your investment on […]

Incorporate, Communicate, Educate

  Get used to change- it’s relentless. Get familiar with it because it’s likely to accelerate. Fortunately, the principles of health haven’t changed and won’t.   You know these already: Posture and structural alignment Nutrition Exercise Water Sunshine Fresh air Sleep between 10pm- 6am Trust Benevolence (help others) Meditation Mind-set How to incorporate, communicate and educate […]