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Symptom treating drugs are a Bankrupt Paradigm

  Symptom treating drugs are a Bankrupt Paradigm Fooling the body with symptom treating drugs so you can’t feel the symptoms is not health care. It may be called that, but it’s a bankrupt paradigm. The current anti-depressant crisis is the most recent manifestation of this lie. The pain relief brigade avoids critical thinking, yet […]

Get the Book That’s Changing Lives

Have you got the health, wealth, career, and relationships you want? With the guidance of Be in One Peace, the first book by Dr. Joanne Messenger, you can learn easy ways to deal with stress, rise above emotional pain and release roadblocks that’ve stood between you and getting what you want. Dr Messenger describes her prescription for living […]

Many People are at Nosebleed

Between elections, plebiscites- and bifurcation of opinions, as well as extreme leaders, extreme weather, uncertainty about health-care and taxes, many people have observed they’ve never seen such unsettled times. If you listen to the talking heads on the tube or social media, it’s easy to get sucked into the quicksand. Since so many people look to […]