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When is “It” Going to Stop?

I’m often asked “When is IT going to stop?” … as if the pain in their life will stop when they get to a calendar date. “It” stops when you do. “It” stops when you stop the fear/judgement/criticism/unforgiveness/gossip/manipulation/restrictive beliefs/whatever. If you’re not in the light how can your life be? It cannot stop before you […]

Males Can See New Potential with Equanimity in Relationships with Females.

Males are learning to understand the role of appreciating the essence of the female (appreciating the essence of love, of the sensitivity and feeling nature of the female as being a divine balance to the strength and the mind of the male). Females are the divine counterpart, balance and equilibrium for males. Without this part the […]

3 Essential Questions to Keep you on Track

Running your health/wealth/relationships can feel like a never-ending exercise. There’s always something going on! They say sharks need to keep swimming else they die. It can sometimes feel like that… if you don’t keep moving you’ll be done for… Here’s the thing, many sharks stop & rest on the ocean floor for a while. It […]