Cancer Cells Can’t Live in a Healthy Body (VIDEO)

Health Is Your God-Given Birthright—or Is It?
Good health is a basic prerequisite for a comfortable life; yet it’s elusive to many people. Whether it’s the common cold that visits two or three times a year or the life-challenging diagnosis of cancer, health is a pervading issue in our world.
Clearly, however, disease isn’t the problem. The problem is the lack of health. Cold bacteria and viruses cannot thrive in a healthy body. Cancer cells cannot thrive in a healthy body.
Darkness is an absence of light. Poverty is an absence of abundance. Cold is a lack of heat, and disease is a lack of health. Disease is a health deficiency, and it comes from dis-ease—which simply means “a lack of ease.”
Ease means effortlessness and no resistance, and no resistance means going with the flow. When you resist and block the natural flow of your life, you create dis-ease.
Where can you bring more ease into your life?
How will you do it?
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