Do You Listen to Your Body? (VIDEO)

Do you listen to your body? Do you rest and release when you need to, or do you soldier on and cling to your old patterns?
• Do you let the tail wag the dog?
• Your body is a finely tuned, guided projectile designed to steer you through your life on a homeostatic mission. When you are on target, on purpose, and doing what is right for you, your body functions smoothly. When you wobble off course, get distracted, or do things that are damaging to your life mission, your body will let you know.
• The question is this: do you listen when your body is speaking to you?
• If you need a break, do you take one—or do you wait until you break something? Can you justify the rest then? Well, why couldn’t you justify rest before, when you felt tired and your body was talking to you?
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