Demystify Women Strictly For Men Only


Date: 19 Aug to 22 Aug 2018 / 08:00 AM to 14:00 PM

Is this a Men’s Course run by a woman? YES!
I was raised with boys. I have 6 older brothers and No sisters. My neighbourhood was All boys. I trained as a chiropractor when it was still a career for men.
I was raised to THINK like a Male, yet I FEEL like a female.

For thousands of years men have been able to do what they like. However, the goal posts have moved. Females have stepped up, which means men have to shift their perspective else you’re going to lose out in relationships… AND 50% of your business and social audience.
The world has changed… and I’m your BRIDGE

This Program is a MUST for any man serious about personal, relationship and business fulfilment.

Why attend?

To UNDERSTAND your new role in relationships
NOTICE hidden signals
Get what you want with MUTUAL SATISFACTION
INTERPRET what the bleep she means
GROW your divine masculine energy
INTEGRATE your own inner feminine energy
CREATE the best environment for long term fulfilment
KNOW how to resolve a misunderstanding with confidence it’s not going to incite another misunderstanding
Should you stay or should you go? How to know.

Spend time with Dr Jo and get the insight and answers you need to be feel fulfilled and understood in relationships with women.
Break down the walls of secrecy and protection and enjoy full potential connection without selling yourself out!

For nearly four decades Dr Jo Messenger has set the standard for TRANSFORMATION, HEALING and LIVING YOUR PURPOSE, helping people world-wide to maximise their personal and professional potential.
Dr Jo is a chiropractor, multiple best-selling author and renowned transformation expert with a strong authoritative voice and the rare ability to present detailed information in an easy to follow format.
She has a determination to make a difference, presenting paradigm shifting content in an engaging professional style, that’ll leave you and your loved ones wanting more.
Dr Jo inspires in you a grounded, evolving, and self-affirming sense of “Yes! I’ve got this!”


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