Date: 30 Jun to 30 Jun 2018 / 09:30 AM to 16:00 PM

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Have you got the work, relationship, health, money, body, fulfilment + lifestyle you want?

Are some things sorted and others a mess?
Does it ALL need to be up-levelled?

Discover how to fix this once and for all at the 1-Day program


Your 1-day workshop to better relationships, enhanced communication, fresh perspectives and real self-empowerment! 

Has you life gone to plan?

Have you got the health, money, relationship, beauty, fulfilment you hoped for?

What if you could live a life that was balanced and completely aligned with your values?

Imagine having meaningful work, relationships, health, time, money, energy and fulfilment- instead of not enough to go around OR surrounded by a bunch of toys and still don’t feel fulfilled.

The HAVING IT ALL Program is a one-day event to help ignite the spark in your purposeful work, health, relationships, bank balance, fulfilment and all areas of your life.

It’s time to live the life you were born for- your purpose (even if you don’t know what it is yet).

“Its hard to put into words the effect Dr Jo and her work have had on my life. I have suffered great personal loss and many life challenges. A friend suggested I see Joanne Messenger. I bless that day. I’m stronger than I’ve ever been and I use my skills to teach others.” Helen Everingham (speaker and singing teacher), Queensland, Australia.

Hands up if you relate to any of these…

  • You feel frustrated from working really hard and not having the results you expected by your stage of life.
  • You’re drained by a job that’s not feeding your soul.
  •  You want to make change in the world and don’t want to struggle for money.
  •  You’re tired of watching people with less skills and experience than you mastering social media and thriving in business.
  • The spark in your relationship has died down and you don’t know if you’re able- or want- to get it back.
  • You are done with mediocrity and think it's your turn to shine
  • There’s something deep inside you yearning for a more inspired and powerful life.
  • There’s a block in your financial flow and you haven’t been able to move through it.
  • You seem to be having the same old experiences or repeating the same mistakes.
  • You’d love to be an inspiring role model for your children- and for people who have the problems you’ve had to overcome.
  • You’d like a new tribe. You’d like to belong in a group of like-minded people who “get you”. 
  • You feel out of balance in one or more areas of your life.
  • You wish you knew the secret to feeling fulfilled both at home and at work.
  • The actions you take are often about “getting through the day”, survival and coping, and aren’t truly aligned with what’s most important to you.
  • You wonder if its too late to change direction this late in the game.
  • What you dream about feels out of reach.

... this is why you need to attend 

I want the EarlyBird fee...


The Having It All Program is a revolutionary event that helps you align the important areas of your life- work, health, relationship. business, leisure, family, spiritual connection- with the 3 Levels of Your Life Purpose

This is an opportunity to live the life you were born for. A time when you can learn how to conquer your fears, set meaningful goals and learn the secrets and steps successful people know. Reignite the flame in your heart, connect it to your brain, and engage with clients, lovers, family and friends in a new way in a new way.  Have the confidence to surround yourself with supportive people who “get you”.

When you realise what’s not working, what’s missing and what to do about it in a practical way, then doors can open to a shiny new life experience. With Dr Jo’s comprehensive knowledge, wisdom and experience this workshop will give you the insights, strategies and steps to create your life how you’d like it to be.

What you can look forward to… 

  • Complete clarity on where your life is out of balance
  • The steps you need to take… in the order you need to take them… to get the results you’ll love
  • Discover where you need to get help- rather than “do it all yourself”
  • Understand your purpose, goals and dreams and integrate them on a deep level.
  • Feel a renewed sense of purpose, certainty and vitality
  • Know how to transition from where you are to where you’d like to be- without making unnecessary mistakes
  • Re-Ignite your desire in long term relationships
  • Discover how to translate your life challenges into your money-maker
  • Enjoy more authentic and inspiring relationships
  • Know who to say goodbye to, and who to bring with you
  • Attract supportive people who “get you”
  • Working with more intent and less effort
  • Align all the areas pf your life so you’re not pulled in different directions
  • Experience a more fulfilling and sustainable success without burnout or wanting to quit
  • Learn how to put your needs first
  • Understand the masculine and feminine ways of doing business and how to integrate them in a balanced way
  • Set your intent for your years ahead and have the map to make it happen.


Charlestown Bowling Club. 5 Lincoln St. Charlestown NSW

Yes… This program is one of the best things you’ll ever do. 

I want the $97 EarlyBird fee...



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