Live Your Purpose


Date: 28 Aug to 01 Aug 2018 / 15:34 PM

This Program is a MUST for any person with a message, service or idea more people should know about.

Have you ever dreamed of creating change in the world by sharing your product, service or message?
Then Dr Jo Messenger’s LIVE YOUR PURPOSE course is especially important for you!
Like you, she knows what its like to be on a shoestring budget with a vague idea rather than a crystal-clear plan… the nerve-racking fear of never being quite ready… and the desire for things to happen much faster and safer than what life has offered so far.
This Unique 1-Day Course helps you align your Intent, Purpose, Message and Prosperity Path.
It's for:
- People who aren’t 100% sure about their message or purpose, yet know they don't want to work 9-5 the rest of their lives.
- Socially conscious people who have a product, service or message more people should know about.
- Whether you’re a practitioner, business owner, artist, author or musician who’s experienced and wants to go to the next level, or you have a new business idea and no idea how to get started, you’ll get a ton of value and insight in this workshop.
... and it's also for anyone who just wants to thrive fast, with the support and encouragement of an experienced and inspiring leader.
Why attend?
Spend time with Dr Jo and get the clarity and certainty you need to be successful in our world of relentless change.
You'll walk away with clarity, and your message mapped out ready to change lives! *fist-bump with relief
"I’ve worked with people from every background, market niche and side of the street… so here’s what I invite you to do:
Sign Up for LIVE YOUR PURPOSE… apply the information and take the steps for your specific situation… and create the life you were born for.
I’ve boiled down what really matters when it comes to personal, business and purpose alignment. And I’m sharing these core elements at the Live Your Purpose program!"
Being part of a tribe with like-minded people is incredibly empowering. 
There’s never been a better time for socially conscious people to back themselves and drive world change.
Gone are the days when the stronger-harder-faster businesses with the most money win! In today’s world it’s about being smart and knowing where to spend your hard-earned dollars to get the returns and fulfilment you seek.
Plus, Levels 2 and 3 will continue to support you, to make sure you're prosperous and fulfilled by your success, not just surrounded by a bunch of toys and still feel something’s missing!
LEVEL 2- Prosper From Your Purpose
LEVEL 3- Evolve Your Purpose 
Alignment with your message is powerful.
Use it as a force for good to create inspiration and positive change everywhere you go.
See you there!


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