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Have you got the health, wealth, career, and relationships you want?

With the guidance of Be in One Peace, the first book by Dr. Joanne Messenger, you can learn easy ways to deal with stress, rise above emotional pain and release roadblocks that’ve stood between you and getting what you want.

Dr Messenger describes her prescription for living a healthier, more abundant and fulfilling life through the sharpening of your awareness, energy, and focus. She has the rare ability to present detailed information, on how to get clear and heal oneself, with an easy-to-follow and practical format.

BE IN ONE PEACE is your definitive guide to help you:

  • Remove roadblocks between you and what you want
  • Get well and stay well
  • Manage your energy budget
  • Interpret your body’s signals
  • Know why you like the people you do and not the people you don’t- and what to do about it
  • Live an abundant and fulfilling life

You don’t have to be born with a healing gift in order to heal yourself.

Don’t settle for less!

Get your copy of Be in One Peace Now

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