How to Balance Your Hormones

AUD 29.99

How to Balance Your Hormones, is a go-to guide for anyone looking to rectify hormonal imbalances.
When Dr Jo was twelve, she fractured her pelvis in a trampoline fall which led to severe PMS, an appendectomy, rapid weight gain and extreme mood swings. The experience inspired in the young woman a desire to learn everything she could about healing, balance and energy.
Now a health care professional, she shares her lifelong quest for healing in How to Balance Your Hormones.
She knows what it’s like to want to feel better, and how frustrating that dream can be to attain. The good news is she’s gathered all the best tools and techniques that are essential to get you back on track.
Using her techniques, you can live the life of your dreams, free from delinquent hormones, mood swings, and aberrant energy levels.