RePower Your Life

RePower Your Life is for people who want their energy confidence and vitality back. Whether you’ve given too much to others at the expense of yourself, tripped up on “past their use-by” relationships, or events from your past have got a grip on you, RePower Your Life offers you the tools and techniques you need to plug up the holes, repair the damage and restore your vitality, confidence and inner spirit.

It’s one of the best things you’ll ever do!

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Module 1 RePower Your Life
Unit 1 1. RePower Your Life
Unit 2 2. Truth and Further Truth
Module 2 Energy and the Quantum Field
Unit 1 3. Where is Your Energy Going?
Unit 2 4. Anatomy of Your Blueprints
Unit 3 5. Wavelength Frequency and Emotions
Module 3 Master Your Mind
Unit 1 6. Be Your Own Thought Police
Unit 2 7. The Rule of 3's
Module 4 What Did You Gain?
Unit 1 8. What Did You Learn?
Unit 2 9. How Have You Benefited?
Unit 3 10. How Have Others Benefited?
Module 5 Attitude of Gratitude
Unit 1 11. Frustration Vs Gratitude
Unit 2 12. Maintain Your Power
Module 6 Bonus Summary
Unit 1 13. Bonus Summary
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